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Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act (SOPA)

The construction industry. It’s a jungle out there.

You’ve got staff to pay, materials to buy and your next job to worry about.

The last thing you need is to waste time off-site, chasing people that don’t pay.

Security of Payment is now the go-to method when it comes to contractor debt recovery.

Security of Payment is quick, effective, and it can get what you are owed into your account.

Using the court system can take months, or even years. But Security of Payment can usually get your construction contract enforced much faster.

How does the Security of Payment Act work?

You’ve done the work. You’ve sent your invoice. Most of the time you get paid. But sometimes you don’t. What do you do?

You get in touch with Lauderdale Construction Lawyers. We can help.

  • 1. We take a look at your situation.

  • 2. In most cases we can serve a payment claim, on your behalf, to the company you did work for.

  • 3. If they pay you, then the problem is solved.

  • 4. If they pay nothing, or only part of what you feel is owed, we can have your claim assessed by an independent adjudicator.

  • 5. The adjudicator determines what you are owed within a few weeks.

  • 6. If you are not paid within 5 business days after that, we can obtain an adjudication certificate for the amount you are owed.

  • 7. We can file the certificate in court as a judgment for a debt.

  • 8. We can help you get the judgment enforced.

There are pitfalls in the process. To avoid these pit falls, you really need experts like the people at Lauderdale Construction Lawyers.

How can SOPA benefit you?

Take control of your cash flow. Plan for future projects. Get your expenses sorted.

Security of Payment:

  • Is the fastest and simplest way to resolve construction contract disputes - Receive an enforceable determination within weeks, not months

  • Means not having to step into a court room

  • Gets your claim assessed while you’re on-site doing what you do best.

Nobody knows SOPA like Lauderdale Construction Lawyers.

Find out more on how to take action today!

"Get Paid For Work Done"

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