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Sean Jolly Construction Lawyer Sydney

Sean Jolly - Principal

Sean Jolly is a solicitor and notary public. He has over fourteen years’ experience as a lawyer and eleven years’ experience in private practice. Sean is the principal director of Lauderdale Construction Lawyers as well as the principal of his renowned suburban practice IHS Law.

He has extensive experience in banking law, family law, civil litigation, employment law, consumer law, contracts and, of course, Security of Payment.

Max Tonkin Sydney Construction Lawyer

Max Tonkin - Expert Consultant & Engineer

Max Tonkin is not a lawyer. However, he has been a Security of Payment adjudicator for fifteen years and has served as a Chief Adjudicator for over 5 years.

From site engineer to contract management; from dispute resolution to policy development at NSW department of commerce; from adjudicator to Chief Adjudicator, Max has been a major player in Security of Payment since its inception.

He has selected, trained and mentored the adjudicators used by Australia’s largest authorised nominating authority - Adjudicate Today.

He has a truly unique, insider’s understanding of not only the Security of Payment system, but the Australian construction industry at large. Max provides unparalleled expertise, giving Lauderdale Construction Lawyers the decisive edge when it comes to your claim.

Max Tonkin Construction Lawyer Sydney

Patrick Tonkin - Solicitor

Patrick has 9 years’ experience working in construction dispute resolution at Max Tonkin & Associates. During this time, he completed a law degree and was admitted as a legal practitioner in 2017. He has worked with some of the most senior adjudicators in Australia on some of the largest construction disputes ever settled through Security of Payment adjudication.

Patrick is now a building lawyer whose primary focus is using his inside knowledge of the adjudication process to help his clients.