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What happens when a client refuses to pay a contractor?

Lauderdale Construction Lawyers understands the construction industry. We understand how things get built, and we understand the needs of the people that build them.

We understand the many ways subcontractors, head contractors, developers, and all other people that work in the construction industry, form and maintain their relationships.

Contracts or agreements can be written or can be formed simply by a verbal agreement. Sometimes the contract is partly written, and the rest is agreed upon in a later conversation.

People in the construction industry place an enormous deal of trust in those that they deal with. But agreements can be misunderstood. One side might not live up to their part of the bargain, leaving the other side in serious financial difficulty.

It is important for contractors to understand that construction work, under all sorts of arrangements, can give contractors an entitlement to have an independent expert assess the value of the work. This idea is what led to the creation of the Security of Payment system.

Lauderdale Construction Lawyers can review your construction contract or payment claim, or some other arrangement you have, and advise you on your next move in plain language.


Didn’t get your last payment?

The industry is rife with situations where contractors did not get their retention for a job. If this has happened to you, you might have forgotten about the money and moved on with your life.

But it may be possible to get some, or all of it back.

Nobody knows Contract Advice like Lauderdale Construction Lawyers.

Give us a call and you might be surprised by what we can do for you.

"Get Paid For Work Done"

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