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About Us

Who are we and who do we help?

Lauderdale Construction Lawyers is a firm that prides itself on enforcing the rights of people in the construction industry.

We stand up for the working people that build bridges, hospitals and the roofs over our heads. People that break their backs creating and maintaining the places we live, work and shop in. People whose hard work, the rest of us couldn’t live without. This is the world we understand. Our knowledge in the construction industry grew from the portable site shed, not the corporate office block.

Whether you need contract advice, to have your claim adjudicated under the Security of Payment system, or even if you need civil litigation, we can help you get paid for work done like nobody else.

What exactly is Security of Payment (SOPA)?

The Security of Payment system was designed as a quick and cost-effective contractor debt recovery process.

You don’t have to take your dispute to court. You don’t have to go to small claims.

What we do

We specialise in Security of Payment claims, applications and enforcement of decisions.
Security of Payment applications are written submissions. We lodge these submissions with independent adjudicators. These adjudicators will assess your claim. Once they make a decision on a claim, we can file this decision as a judgement for a debt in court.

If you’re an independent contractor not paid for work done, you need a building lawyer that understands Security of Payment inside and out.

You need Lauderdale Construction Lawyers.

Contact us now to find out how you can get paid for work done!

"Get Paid For Work Done"

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